Experience Where it Counts



Lisa has over 20 years experience as a TV presenter, reporter & interviewer:

  • live/ pre-recorded

  • shows / reports / news

  • documentaries

  • studio/ in the field

  • national/ international

  • culture / events


Lisa's career started with a decade at Sky News, plus  BBC, Channel 4, RTE, American channels, RTL, etc. 


Lisa's training as a TV presenter meant that radio work flowed very naturally, whilst retaining the unique nature of this art-form. 

Lisa's clear, soft Irish accent and years of singing training lends itself instinctively to this medium. 

Lisa has been a presenter, interviewer and frequent interviewee on radio stations around the world. 


COVID hastened the onset of tele-working, conference calls + hybrid events . Almost every industry has had to learn rapidly how to rejig itself in terms of communication.


Many companies + CEOs benefit from simple, professional advice on:

  • set-up

  • lighting + sound

  • positioning oneself

  • online communication 

  • how to get to the point!  


The fastest growing medium of our time! Recent data shows that podcast listeners across generations are a highly educated, wealthy & gender balanced demographic. 

Lisa has set up + hosts In Conversation with Lisa Burke for RTL Today. 


She is also currently working on a global podcast with friends on different continents.